What sports league can you bet on at bet365?

27 June 2022
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Once you register with bet365, you have a wide array of sports leagues to bet on. The most important step to make is to use your bet365 referral code – BETMAX365 so that you can discover their portfolio of betting markets. We have gathered for you the top sports leagues you can place your bets on with this bookmaker.

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bet365 sports betting

Betting on AFL at bet365, plus top Aussie Rules Leagues

Register with this operator and you will be amazed to see how many sports markets this bookmaker has in store. Every time there’s a new match approaching, a whole new door of countless betting opportunities opens up. We’re talking about simple markets, where you can bet on which team will win the match, or say what the final victory margin will be. But that’s not everything. You can also opt for player bets and wager on more specific markets.

Betting on the AFL at bet365 can prove to be real fun given the variety of wagers you have. For example, you have at your disposal the standard fare of which team might win the Grand Final, but other more appealing options are also on the table.

For instance, you can play around with your betting options and go for the team that you think will gather the most losses over one season, go into more detail regarding the state that the Grand Final winner will come from, name the player who’ll win the Brownlow Medal and so on. This is just a glimpse of what you can get from the AFL market at bet365. Sure, the betting market is very volatile and these aforementioned options might not be available forever, but for now, it’s worth trying them out.

Betting on NBA at bet365

It’s not just bet365 that offers NBA fans hundreds of betting options and NBA odds, but their offering looks pretty interesting, to say the least. We can even go further and say that with the way they wrap up NBA betting, they tend to give it a fresh, new spin, which isn’t the case for many operators. The margin of victory for NBA per each game here is an ocean of betting options. Other bookmakers can present their NBA betting in a simple manner, but bet365 really makes an effort and top up their game.


You can have a look at their website and see all the various margin of victory alternatives for NBA you can have. There is also a 5-option margin of victory market that goes for more than a few points. This, as an example, will make it easier to win your bet – in theory.

Additional bet options are also part of the deal despite the fact that these can make it more difficult for you to win your bet. The upside is that this option can very well increase the payout. So, in the long run, you would win more even if you were to lose more bets more frequently.

Betting on NRL

Rugby fans and those interested in betting on rugby with a referral code will know that adrenaline is a must-have. Given that one whole game can shift drastically because of one penalty decision, betting on rugby can be more enticing than betting on any other sports market. This type of sports market is more for people who love the rush of the game. The NRL market is very varied on bet365, actually it’s one of the top best sports leagues you can bet on at bet365 due to their many options of matches advertised during NRL seasons.

With this operator, you can bet on numerous try scorer odds, for instance. These will be perfect for you if you have a favourite team that you’ve been supporting for a long time now and know a bit about their sports history and performances. If you, for instance, know details about their attack strategy and are able to predict future moves, then it will be easier for you to win big. The more familiar you are with the team, the more likely it is for you to find the best odds per market.

bet365 rugby

Any information you have and can gather about your favourite team or player can be used to your advantage. If a team is finding itself in a pickle when it comes to defending one side of the field, or a player doesn’t perform as expected, are all details that can help you bet on the winner. The same thing applies to weak or strong points you would add to a team or a player, which must be taken into consideration if you want to bet on the winner.

Betting on UFC at bet365

Not exactly as popular as rugby or the AFL, mixed martial arts are among the top sports leagues you can bet on bet365. And the main reason is that the bookmaker will give you plenty of options to bet on UFC, and if you don’t have an aversion to the brutality of the sport, then you should give this sports market a try.

Let’s say that you’re looking to bet on UFC. You can go for a combination of bets or for the standard fight winner market. You can also predict the round in which the fight will be won or the round that puts an end to the game. The latter can prove to be more interesting than simply betting on who wins the game.


As a conclusion, betting on The Australian Football League, rugby, mixed martial arts and NBA are among the top sports markets you ought to consider if you’re a bet365 member. And if you’re planning to register with them, it’s good to know what options you have. The good news is that even if you are not a fan of these above-mentioned sports, you will definitely find something to bet on at bet365.

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