Step by step guide: how to place an acca on bet365

13 May 2022
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There are plenty of bets on the market, and one of them is the accumulator. It has lots of advantages and understating how it works might prove to be really beneficial for you too. In this article, we aim to offer you a complete betting guide on how the accumulator works.

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What is an acca bet?

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To start with, you have to know that the acca offers you the chance to place bets at big odds without needing to back a big outsider. Many acca bettors find this type of bet hard to understand, but once you grasp the ins and outs of it, you will certainly find it interesting too. With the accumulator, you are able to back more than one team or events that you think will win the same bet. Let’s say that you want both team A and team B to win the same NBA match day. Then, you only need to back both teams to win by using an accumulator ticket.

For your acca ticket to be successful, it is extremely important that all the results you selected prior to the game happened as predicted. No ifs, ands or buts about this. Even if one leg of your acca fails to come through, your whole accumulator ticket will be regarded as a loss and you will lose all your funds. We mentioned at the beginning of this article that the acca bet is an interesting one once you get to understand it. So, don’t feel too let down, we will come to the good part in a minute.

In the eventuality that one of the legs is pushed, then the total number of legs in your ticket will be reduced. This is more to help you win. So if one out of four legs is pushed out, then you will be scored on the remaining three legs. The payout will be slightly decreased, obviously, but it still sounds like a good deal instead of getting a loss for that push.

Learn how to place an acca

After signing up to bet365, you will be amazed by how easy placing an accumulator bet is. With their friendly, simple and neat interface, the website of bet365 is designed in a way that even amateur players understand the process of placing an acca right from the start. It’s essential that with these exotic bets, the system and the betting section are easy to use and understand, otherwise, it will only complicate matters. And, ultimately, it can even drive customers in the opposite direction.

By following a few simple steps and after a couple of clicks, you can easily place an accumulator at bet365. To start with, you need to log in to your account and select the individual legs that you wish to add to your accumulator bet. Then, you need to check the bottom of your betting slips for betting options. To select the accumulator, you will have to click on the multi-bet option, as that is the one that will combine all your choices into one bet. After that, you will be asked to state your stake. All there is left to do is to confirm your acca bet. In a nutshell, you have to pay attention to the selected legs, bet type and stake.

Before the matches that you wagered on start, you have the possibility to view the odds carried by the accumulator bet. You can then enter the stake amount and check to see how much you’d win in case your accumulator proves to be successful in every leg. The sportsbook will multiply your stake amount by the odds. This way you get to know what your potential payout will be in case of a win.

Tips and tricks for the bet365 accumulator tips

To stay safe, there are certain tips to take into consideration. First, don’t fall into the temptation of adding too many teams into your accumulator bet. Winning a huge sum of money is, of course, pretty enticing but first, make sure that you’re confident in the ability of the selected teams/players to win the game. Otherwise, you will lose too. To place an accumulator bet, you don’t need a bet365 referral code.

With the acca bet, it is crucial to stay in your comfort zone and don’t try anything too wild that can not only put your potential win in peril but make you lose your funds. The accumulator can be regarded as a quick way to win, but by simply adding more and more teams to your betting slip doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win more.

Which takes us to the next point: don’t risk too much. Remember, accumulator bets are fun to place. Once you have taken them too seriously and regarded them as a magnet for adding more money to your account, you can find yourself at the beginning of a slippery slope. We would advise you to add only small units to your accumulator bet and have the odds work in your favour. Sure, you may very well win an accumulator bet at long odds on smaller amounts, but it’s way better than losing larger amounts at good odds.

All in all, placing an acca bet on bet365 is child’s play. Make sure you know the team you’re adding to the betting slip, or at least that you are confident that they can win, add your stake amount, and you’re ready to go. Bet365 will take care of the rest.

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